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About Pilot Central a division of Global Sat Phones, LLC

The Pilot Central website concept was created by aviation pilots, instructors, mechanics and medical examiners to fill a communications identification gap. By having an email address that both points out your aviation affiliation and your area of participation in aviation, you are sending a unique highly recognizable identity in every email.

Focused on your personalized web desk that is accessible by Internet from anywhere in the world, your emails, contacts and calendar are readily available to you. Also available is Weather, Flight Planning and filing powered by DTC Duat and CSC Duats and other enhanced providers. As your ratings change you can easily customize your email address to reflect that change and keep you same web desk and mailbox.

Pilot Central is a place for the aviation public to seek out Instructors, Mechanics, Examiners and Flight Surgeons and see pictures, a video and read a Bio that you place there yourself. When a search is performed by someone needing a personal aviation service, it displays the results with members first. Members appear in the order in which they joined Pilot Central, with easy access to your dedicated Pilot Central Web Page.

You can create your own cloud based links such as such as FAR’s, weather, AD’s, Manufacturers sites and virtually anything. With cloud based links you never have to stray far from your web desk which is available on any computer or hand-held device connected to the Internet.

Pilot Central will be adding a Classifieds section in the near future where members can advertise up to 5 items at no cost. This section will be visible to the general public and will be available by searches on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Also planned for the future are forums where members can exchange ideas and seek help with aviation related issues. Keep checking for more.

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